ArianeeJS Library

ArianeeJS is the first official SDK to interact with the Arianee protocol.


ArianeeJS works on NodeJs and browser.

If you want to play straight away with the library, a demo is available directly within your browser.


ArianeeJS npm:

ArianeeJS Library repo:


To report a bug, report an issue in the Github repo. Provide as much detail as possible.


Use the certification module as a NPM package in your application.

$ npm i --save @arianee/arianeejs 

Import the package inside your app.

import { Arianee } from '@arianee/arianeejs'

Optional - If you wish to use it directly in your browser with javascript, you can include:

<script src="[email protected]/browser/bundle.js">


This code is for demonstration purpose, so we can use @latest bundle. In real world, you should always add SRI (sub-resource integrity) as recommended by W3C:

<script src="[email protected]/browser/bundle.js" 


Instantiate ArianeeJS.

new Arianee();
Arianee.init([networkName], [arianeeCustomConfiguration]);
networkNameString❌The network to use mainnet or testnet.
Default : testnet
arianeeCustomConfigurationObject❌Some options can be overriden.
arianeeCustomConfiguration β†’ walletRewardobject\<{address:string>❌Address of wallet to be rewarded.
arianeeCustomConfiguration β†’ brandDataHubRewardobject\<{address:string>❌Address of NFT Management Platform to be rewarded.
arianeeCustomConfiguration β†’ httpProviderprovider❌Provider as defined by web3js.
arianeeCustomConfiguration β†’ transactionOptionsobject\<gas:number, gasPrice:any>❌Transaction options.
arianeeCustomConfiguration β†’ deeplinkString❌Deeplink to be used by ArianeeJS to create deeplink.
arianeeCustomConfiguration β†’ protocolConfigurationObject❌Arianee protocol configuration. If not specified, the library will fetch the configuration depending on the networkName.
arianeeCustomConfiguration β†’ defaultArianeePrivacyGatewayString❌Default Arianee Privacy Gateway URL where will be stored NFT content.

Result: promise returns object- ArianeeWalletBuilder object. The Arianee instance with the choosen network.


Initialization is asynchronous. You need to use await or a promise.


const arianeeLib = new Arianee();
const arianee = await arianeeLib.init("testnet");

Set default Query

Instantiate ArianeeJS.

new Arianee();
networkNameString❌The network to use mainnet or testnet.
Default : testnet

Result: Arianee returns object - Arianee object. The Arianee instance.


const arianee = new Arianee()