Arianee Protocol

Arianee Association

The Arianee Association operates as a member-run organization, comprising of both brands and partners who also serve as the founders of the Arianee protocol. The absence of shareholders means that a single corporate entity cannot take control of the association. With each member being an industry specialist, whether a brand or partner, all have an equal voice in the design of the standard.

Our Mission

Convinced that tokenization would transform the way brands can address today’s digital marketing loopholes, the founders of the Arianee protocol wanted to create a low layer of technology that would not replicate the downsides of centralised web2 digital marketing.

The founders of Arianee believe that a future where decentralized technology such as Blockchain and a tokenized ecosystem would allow us to offer new services to your brand and your community.

To achieve this ambition, the founders created the Arianee Association in 2017 which owns, develops, promotes, and leads the evolution of the open source co-constructed Arianee protocol. The Arianee mission is to empower brands and their community to give digital life to products or experiences through NFTs.

This blockchain-based protocol allows to issue non-fungible tokens (NFTs) compliant with the Ethereum's ERC-721 standard. They represent a unique, either digital or real-life product with its unique metadata stored as a data imprint on a distributed ledger.

It allows decentralized, independent and secure verification so that all users can trust each other without relying on a single centralizing third party. The blockchain distributed architecture also ensures higher uptime and censorship-resistance.

The Arianee protocol is open source with open access to data state:

  • The code is fully transparent and auditable.
  • You may contribute to the Arianee Github.

Uses cases

  • The Arianee protocol fills the lack of a standardized process to create perpetual, secure and authentic digital passports through NFTs. These NFTs limit counterfeiting.
  • NFTs as designed by the Arianee protocol provide a private and safe communication channel between brands and their customers.
  • NFTs as designed by the Arianee protocol provide the product lifecycle follow-up through events history, and so on...


The Arianee protocol involves six stakeholders:

  • Brands: issuer of NFTs.
  • Owners: brands' customers and owners of the NFTs stored in their wallet.
  • Arianee Association: promotes and develops the Arianee protocol.
  • NFT Management Platform providers: software used by brands to create and manage their NFTs on the blockchain.
  • Wallet providers: mobile or web applications which give the owners access to NFTs and data stored by brands.
  • Nodes: validate Arianee protocol transactions on the blockchain.
Arianee's ecosystem

Arianee's ecosystem


For more information about the protocol features, see the key features page.