Token Provider

The token-provider is a library for services and applications that need to generate SST, a type of token that can be used to share the content and transfer rights of a DPP on the Arianee protocol without losing ownership.

Use Case

As a marketplace (service provider), you wish to transfer a Digital Product Passport with the id 123 owned by userA and issued by brand (token provider) that will be transferred to userB. To do so, the token provider, as well as the digital passport owner, may generate a smart-asset token.

SST Generation

The token provider facilitates the creation of a Smart Asset Sharing Technology (SST) token. This token allows the service provider to fetch and transfer the digital passport if the SST is valid. Subsequently, the website redirects the user to the service provider's website, including the SST as a URL parameter.

How to generate an SST?


If a token-provider generates an SST but the target passport has not yet been approved for use by the Permit721 contract, the generation function will automatically make an on-chain call to approve the target token, which may take some time (from 5 to 20 seconds).

Let's start πŸš€


  • A Core instance of the smart asset owner (userA) to sign the permit721 transaction required for SST generation.
  • The public key of the spender (userB), representing the address authorized to transfer the smart asset using the generated SST.
  • The address of the permit721 contract: 0x9d6aC3167Db03d0B0AeE75F5ED90C8B780F93585.

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