Service Provider

The service-provider is a library for services and applications that need to use SST, a type of token that can be used to share the content and transfer rights of a DPP on the Arianee protocol without losing ownership.

Transfer digital passport using SST

To transfer a digital passport, the Smart Asset Sharing Token (SST) is checked if valid then operates a transfer from a userA to userB.

How to operate a transfer?


The SST must be valid to operate get valid transfer permit. If not, one of these issues may be encounterred:

  • The SST has expired (default value is 30 days).
  • The passport linked to the SST has been transferred by the owner to another user.
  • The SST has already been used.
  • Wallet initiating the transfer needs to have gas token to pay the transaction. Arianee Faucet does not fund this transaction.


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