Arianee Protocol

Arianee Association

The Arianee Association operates as a member-run organization, comprising brands, builders, and partners who also serve as the founders of the Arianee protocol. The absence of shareholders means that a single corporate entity cannot take control of the association. With each member being an industry specialist, whether a brand or partner, all have an equal voice in the design of the standard.

Our Mission

The founders of the Arianee protocol aimed to revolutionize digital marketing by leveraging tokenization and decentralized technology. They created the Arianee Association to develop and promote the open-source Arianee protocol, which enables partners, brands and, their communities to give digital life to products and experiences through NFTs by producing Digital Product Passports. The protocol, based on multiple blockchains, allows for the issuance of NFTs compliant with the Ethereum ERC-721 standard, representing unique items with their metadata stored on a distributed ledger. Its decentralized and secure verification mechanism eliminates the need for a central authority, ensuring trust among users. In contrast, the distributed architecture of the blockchain ensures higher uptime and resistance to censorship.

The Arianee protocol is open source with open access to data state:

  • The code is fully transparent and auditable.
  • You may contribute to the Arianee Github.

Uses cases

Our digital passports create privacy-preserving relationships between partners, brands, and their users. Here is how:

  • Digital passport of physical goods to fight counterfeiting.
  • Digital passport of physical goods to enable proof of ownership, traceability, durability, and circularity.
  • Digital passport of physical goods to provide product information and promote transparency between stakeholders.
  • Unfalsifiable history of the product life cycle via the digital passport.
  • Send a message to a digital passport to reach opted-in owners.
  • Proof of Attendance as a digital badge.
  • Exclusive & scarce digital assets to extend the brand's immersive experience.
  • Digital passport owners report the passport of a lost or stolen product.


The Arianee protocol involves six stakeholders:

  • Partners, Builders & Brands: issuer of digital passports.
  • Owners/Users: Owners and users of the digital passports stored in their wallets.
  • Arianee Association: promotes and develops the Arianee protocol.
  • NFT Management Platform providers: software used by partners, builders, and brands to create and manage their digital passports on the blockchain.
  • Wallet providers: mobile or web applications that give the owners access to digital passports and data stored by partners, brands or, builders.
  • Nodes: validate Arianee protocol transactions on the blockchain.
Arianee's ecosystem

Arianee's ecosystem

Arianee Protocol Features

End-users Experience - Retrieve & Manage Data

  • Identity - Retrieve and gather identity data and its associated content.
  • NFT - Retrieve and gather digital passport data and content.
  • dMessage - Retrieve and gather dMessages data and content.
  • Arianee Events - Retrieve and gather Arianee Events data and content.


Arianee designed its own interfaces to claim, fetch and manage owner's NFTs for end-users:

Builders & Brand Features - Interact with the Blockchain


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