Core Library


The Core class is a TypeScript class that provides an interface for signing messages and transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. This library is used by all other Arianee SDK libraries to sign messages.


This library uses the ethers library ethers library, which is a popular library for interacting with Ethereum.

You can instanciante Core with:

  • Mnemonic
import { Core } from '@arianee/core';
  • Passphrase
import { Core } from '@arianee/core';
  • PrivateKey
import { Core } from '@arianee/core';
  • Random: Generates random wallet.
    • For test purposes
    • Read-only wallet
import { Core } from '@arianee/core';

The returned instance will have the following methods:

  • signMessage(message:string): a function that behaves like the signMessage from ethers.
  • signTransaction(transaction:TransactionLike): a function that behaves like the signTransaction from ethers.


Not compliant with MetaMask external wallet provider.

  • sendTransactions(transaction): a function that sends a transaction to MetaMask.
  • getAddress():string: a function that returns the address of the wallet.

Use Case - Implement Core to create an instance between Arianee and MetaMask

const accounts = await window.ethereum.request({
  method: 'eth_requestAccounts',

const address: string = accounts[0];

this.core = new Core({
  getAddress: () => {
    return address;
  signMessage: async (message) => {
    const signature = await window.ethereum.request({
      method: 'personal_sign',
      params: [address, message],
    return { message, signature };
  sendTransaction: async (transaction) => {
    return window.ethereum.request({
      method: 'eth_sendTransaction',
      params: [transaction],

this.wallet = new Wallet({
  chainType: 'testnet',
  auth: { core: this.core },