Arianee Access Token

JSON Web Token that manages permission to access and interact with specific features, services, or content within the Arianee ecosystem, providing a secure and decentralized authentication mechanism.

Arianee Event

A timestamped event linked to an NFT to highlight a significant event in the lifecycle of the digital asset or the physical product.

Arianee Link

Link that points to an NFT. Example:,q57vb4bkexlr

Arianee Privacy Gateway

A secure gateway that enables users to control access to their data and decide how it is shared within the Arianee ecosystem while maintaining their privacy.

Brand Identity

Verified, authentic, and recorded identity of a brand integrating all relevant information.


Transfer the ownership of an NFT from the issuer to an end-user.

Digital Product Passport

Digital product passports (DPP) aim to collect information on a product and share it with all stakeholders, including end-customers.


Decentralized messages are secure and unique digital NFTs, or messages, containing information about a physical object or asset, issued on the blockchain for enhanced traceability and authenticity.


Non-Fungible Token is a type of cryptographic token that represents a unique digital or real-world asset and isn't interchangeable.


Arianee Protocol’s feature which allows a smart-assets issuer to get back the ownership of a distributed NFT. Use case example: Physical product returned to the store, so the digital twin is recovered.