Arianee Economy - $ARIA20

Why our own cryptocurrency?

  • The token is dedicated to payments on the Arianee protocol which means transactions take place directly on the protocol to facilitate digital interactions between users.
  • The Arianee Association can finance its development by selling tokens to early users and distributing some to contributors to this open-source project.
  • As a token holder, this is the closest thing to equity you can get in the crypto world.

What is the $ARIA20 token?

The $ARIA20 token is the currency of the Arianee protocol deployed on Arianee blockchains. This fungible token is compliant with Ethereum's ERC-20 standard. The $ARIA20 token allows builders and brands must purchase to generate NFTs, send messages to the owners, and create events to enrich an NFT.


Each $ARIA20 token shares the same value as any other of its kind which makes them optimal to serve as a monetary value token.

Arianee offers a staking mechanism to builders and brands that activates identity verification within the protocol when exercised. This verification is expressed by a green badge, signaling to users the authenticity of the NFT's on-chain origin.

When a token is used to generate an NFT, it’s split among the contributing players in the following percentages.

How is distributed $ARIA20?

The $ARIA20 tokens spent on features are automatically distributed among stakeholders of the ecosystem so that they are incentivized to contribute.

  • 20% to the NFT Management Platform provider
  • 20% to the Wallet provider
  • 40% to the Arianee project
  • 10% to the Nodes
  • 10% to the Owners
$ARIA20 distribution

$ARIA20 distribution

  • 70 million $ARIA20 were allocated to token sales (private and public) to fund the early development of the project.
  • 40 million $ARIA20 were allocated to the team and early advisors who helped the project.
  • 10 million $ARIA20 were allocated to Community incentives.
  • 10 million $ARIA20 were allocated to an Operational Reserve to run tests and to fund the liquidity pools.
  • 70 million $ARIA20 are kept in a long-term reserve.

$ARIA20 Lockup Shedule

Tokens allocated to the team, advisors, and the token pre-sale are released according to the lock-up schedule below:

  • Public Sale tokens are liquid upon listing on November 15th, 2020.
  • Team and Private sales tokens are released on a 5-year schedule (starting January 1st, 2021) with an annual cliff of 25%.
  • Advisor tokens are released on a 2-year schedule (starting January 1st, 2021) with an annual cliff of 50%.

Features pricing

FeatureProtocol V1.0 Pricing (USD)Protocol V1.5 Pricing (USD)
Mint or Reserve NFT0.10 USD - Paid by issuerFree
Claim NFTFree0.10 - Paid by issuer
Transfer NFTFreeFree
Update NFT0.10 USD - Paid by issuer0.10 - Paid by issuer
Generate proof of ownershipFreeFree
Create dMessage0.15 USD0.15 USD
Read dMessageFreeFree
Create Arianee Event0.10 USD - Paid by issuer0.10 - Paid by issuer
Accept Arianee EventFreeFree


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