Arianee Economy

Why our own cryptocurrency?

  • The token is dedicated to payments on the Arianee protocol which means transactions take place directly on the protocol to facilitate digital interactions between users.
  • The Arianee Association can finance its development by selling tokens to early users and distributing some to contributors to this open-source project.
  • As a token holder, this is the closest thing to equity you can get in the crypto world.

What is the $ARIA20 token?

The $ARIA20 token is the currency of the Arianee protocol deployed on the POA network. This fungible token is compliant with Ethereum's ERC-20 standard.


Each $ARIA20 token shares the same value as any other of its kind which makes them optimal to serve as a monetary value token.

How is distributed $ARIA20?

The $ARIA20 tokens spent on features are automatically distributed among stakeholders of the ecosystem so that they are incentivized to contribute.

$ARIA20 distribution

$ARIA20 distribution

Features pricing

FeatureV1.5 Pricing (USD)
Mint or Reserve NFTFree
Claim NFT0.10
Transfer NFTFree
Update NFTFree
Generate proof of ownershipFree
Create dMessageFree
Read dMessage0.25
Create Arianee EventFree
Accept Arianee Event0.10


Where to buy $ARIA20?