Send Message to NFT


The decentralized message feature allows an authorized Blockchain wallet, usually a brand, to interact with the owner through the NFT. A message is linked to an NFT and the current owner's wallet.


Messages are initiated by a blockchain wallet, usually from a brand. Only whitelisted blockchain wallets can send a message to an NFT. The whitelist includes the NFT issuer and third-party wallets that linked an event to the NFT that has been accepted.

A message request is composed of a title, description, media, and links. To integrate this content, you need a compliant file - Message Schema.

Only the NFT issuer and the current NFT owner can access the content. The recipient of the message cannot reply, but the Message Schema allows the issuer to include links to collect feedback.


When the NFT is transferred to another owner, this new owner cannot access the messages.



The recipient cannot reply the message.



Creating & sending a dMessage is free for validated sponsored Brand ID.

However, when the recipient wallet reads the dMessage, the stable price in fiat currency is 0.25 USD payable only in $ARIA20 by the issuer.

Extra fees may apply if the NFT issuer outsources the NFT creation to a third party or uses an external software.

At the protocol level, the NFT update feature is free for the brand.
If the NFT issuer outsources the update execution to a third party or uses external software to update NFTs.


Builders - Send Message

The message creation can be done using the API integration with Arianee SDK or directly at the Blockchain level interacting with smart contracts and the NFT issuer Arianee Privacy Gateway. The message issuer can develop its own interface, outsource the development to a third party or it can use an external interface such as the Arianee NFT Management Platform.

End-users - Read Message

The message can be consulted on:

  • Arianee Wallet application
  • Ownership account web application
  • Any compatible interface


Our team tips

We recommend using the message feature in the following uses cases:

  • Provide useful information about the products or your community.
  • Invite NFT owners to exclusive events or online experiences.
  • Greet new owners in case of NFT transfers between fans of the brand.
  • Request proof of ownership or activity related to the product.