Update NFT


The update feature enables the issuer of a NFT to provide and record a new version of the content associated with an NFT already existing on the Blockchain.


The issuer of an NFT can update it with the following information to get the target NFT Arianee ID, the private key of the issuer to sign the transaction, and its new content with a compliant file - NFT Schema

The issuer of an NFT can update it at any time, even if it is claimed and belongs to another blockchain wallet.



  • All the content of an NFT can be updated except its Arianee ID.
  • All versions of an NFT remain available to stakeholders with the right level of permission and technical knowledge. In practice, applications and software dedicated to your users tend to display only the last version of the content.



At the protocol level, the NFT update feature is free for the brand.

If the NFT issuer outsources the update execution to a third party or uses an external software to update NFTs.



The update can be done using the API integration with Arianee SDK or directly at the blockchain level interacting with smart contracts. The NFT issuer can develop its interface to update NFTs, outsource the development to a third party, or use an external interface such as the Arianee NFT Management Platform.


The NFT update can be consulted on:

  • Arianee Wallet application
  • Ownership Account web application
  • Any compatible interface


Our team tips

  • Update your product information such as a link to external content of the brand.
  • Release an extra language.
  • Fix missing or wrong information in the previous NFT version.