Read NFT History


The NFT history is a list of time-stamped transactions recorded on the Blockchain and linked to an NFT. Each blockchain transaction relating to an NFT can be included in its history. There are two types of events:

  • Blockchain Event: Public events relating to blockchain transactions such as the NFT creation or transfer.
  • Arianee Event: Private events with custom content relating to a specific NFT such as a sell-out event.


To access an NFT history, the user needs to provide the target NFT Arianee ID, and you need the right level of permission to access the content of Arianee Events included in the NFT history.



The creation of the NFT history does not come with a blockchain transaction. Its access is free.



The NFT history can be accessed using the API integration with Arianee SDK or directly at the blockchain level.

End-users - Accept an Event

Owners may consult their NFT history using:

  • Arianee Wallet application
  • Ownership Account web application
  • Any compatible interface


Our team tips

History with an exhaustive list of Events and transactions linked to an NFT will improve customer impact and business intelligence capabilities of the NFT issuer. Recommended uses cases:

  • Deployment of an application for customers to access NFT content and details.
  • Research on the NFT lifecycle by the NFT issuer or an authorized third party.