Features Flexibility & Compliance

Multi-Collection & Features flipping

This enhanced capability allows builders and brands to curate specialized collections tailored to specific product lines, campaigns, or different facets of their brand identity.

For example, a fashion brand can create a physical collection with digital product passports, utilizing features like NFT Recovery for returnable products. If the brand later decides to venture into digital collectibles, it can deactivate the recovery feature and explore other functionalities such as dMessaging or Arianee Events.

ERC-721 Features Compliance

Arianee Protocol allows seamless integration with ERC-721 tokens since V2. With this integration, Arianee protocol features become compliant with any ERC-721 tokens, empowering users to harness functionalities like Proof of Ownership, dMessages, and Arianee Events.

This compliance opens up exciting possibilities for builders and brands, enabling them to leverage their tokens within their communities and maximize engagement and value creation. By exploring the Arianee Protocol's compatibility with ERC-721 tokens, you can unlock a world of enhanced token experiences and community-driven interactions.



The same features pricing is applied to non-Arianee NFTs. For more information, see Arianee Economy.