Arianee uses links to share NFTs access and to get their ownership.

Default link

The base structure of an Arianee link:,x7kj3dp


Link with method

Method could be request if it's a link to request ownership or empty. Method could be proof if it's a link to prove ownership.,x7kj3dp


Link tracking

Arianee web onboarding can handle the web tracking. You can add query string and it will be tracked on Arianee Web onboarding.,x7kj3dp?utm_source=productTag


When transforming this link to a QR code, keep in mind that the QR code will be harder to scan if the link length is large

Customized links

Links with domain use the Arianee web onboarding with deferred deeplink to Arianee Wallet mobile app.

You can change your domain according to your need. In that case, you need to keep link structure & format. You also need to build your own web onboarding to encourage users to download your mobile app.