Link Event to NFT


The event feature enables a Blockchain wallet, usually from a brand, to create an event on the blockchain. An event is linked to one and only one NFT. An event aims at enriching the history of an NFT.


The event request is initiated by a blockchain wallet, usually from a brand.

An event will be composed of a title, description, media, and links. To integrate this content, you need a compliant file - Event Schema.

Only an authorized wallet can access content, the issuer, and the current NFT owner. An event can be accepted or rejected by the issuer the NFT or the current NFT owner.

An accepted event cannot be detached from the NFT, and a rejected one is destroyed. Once accepted, the event may appear in the NFT history and the NFT issuer can send a message to this NFT.


To learn more about the NFT history and messages, check out Read NFT History & Send Message.



Creating & sending an Arianee Event is free for validated sponsored identity.

However, when the recipient NFT and user accepts the Arianee Event, the stable price in fiat currency is 0.1 USD payable only in $ARIA20 by the issuer.

Extra fees may apply if the NFT issuer outsources the NFT creation to a third party or uses an external software.


Builder - Link an Event

The event creation can be done using the API integration with Arianee SDK or directly at the blockchain level interacting with smart contracts. The event issuer can develop its own interface, outsource the development to a third party or it can use an external interface such as the Arianee NFT Management Platform.

End-users - Accept an Event

Owners may consult and accept/reject events in the NFT history on:

  • Arianee Wallet application
  • Ownership Account web application
  • Any compatible interface


Our team tips

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