End-users Experience

This documentation explores how the Arianee protocol retrieves information and data to display an NFT. It combines on-chain mechanisms, retrieving key information and metadata directly from the blockchain, with off-chain resources, retrieving multimedia assets, provenance records, and contextual data stored in decentralized storage networks or other repositories. By understanding these underlying mechanisms and processes, users will gain a comprehensive understanding of how the Arianee protocol enables the seamless and enhanced display of Arianee NFTs.

  • Identity: Retrieve the Identity and the content associated with a brand.
  • NFT: Retrieve the NFTs owned by a wallet and the content associated with them.
  • Message: Retrieve the dMessages received by an NFT.
  • Events: Retrieve the events linked to an NFT. These events are attached to the NFT History.


To get started quickly, see our quickstart or dig deeper into wallet methods with the Arianee SDK.