What is the Arianee Protocol?

Arianee Protocol is a decentralized platform built on blockchain technology that aims to establish verifiable and secure digital certificates for physical assets, products, and services. It allows brands, manufacturers, and builders to issue Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) known as "Smart-Assets" to their customers, enabling proof of ownership and provenance.

What are Smart-Assets on Arianee Protocol?

Smart assets are unique and indivisible NFTs issued on the Arianee blockchain. They act as digital certificates for real-world items or services, such as luxury goods, artwork, concert tickets, and more. Smart assets store essential information about the asset and its ownership history.

How does the Arianee Protocol ensure authenticity and provenance?

Arianee Protocol leverages blockchain technology to create an immutable and tamper-proof record of an asset's journey from creation to ownership. Tracing each transaction and ownership change on the blockchain, it provides a transparent and trustworthy way to verify the authenticity and provenance of assets.

What is Meta-Transaction (MetaTx) compliance in Arianee Protocol V2?

Arianee Protocol V2 introduces Meta-Transaction (MetaTx) compliance, enabling users to perform actions on the blockchain without directly paying gas fees. Instead, a relayer pays the transaction fees on behalf of the user, simplifying user interactions and making the protocol more user-friendly.

How can builders and brands issue Smart-Assets on Arianee Protocol?

Brands and builders can issue Smart-Assets by integrating the Arianee SDK into their existing applications or platforms. This SDK facilitates the creation and management of NFTs, allowing businesses to authenticate and verify their products digitally.

What are $ARIA20 and the Arianee Membership?

Aria is the native utility token of the Arianee ecosystem. It facilitates transactions, incentivizes participants, and ensures the secure functioning of the protocol. Arianee Membership is a user status obtained by holding a certain amount of $ARIA20 tokens, providing exclusive benefits and access to premium services.

How can I interact with Smart-Assets as a consumer?

As a consumer, you can access and manage your Smart-Assets through Arianee-compatible wallets and applications. These wallets enable you to view your assets, transfer ownership, and access additional features provided by the brands or builders issuing the assets.

Can brands and builders customize their Smart-Contracts to enable specific features?

Arianee Protocol allows builders and brands to customize Smart-Contracts, creating unique smart assets with tailored features. This versatility benefits user experience and aligns with branding, making it ideal for diverse industries digitizing products on the blockchain.

Is Arianee Protocol fully ERC-721 compliant?

Absolutely! Arianee Protocol adheres to the ERC-721 standard, ensuring seamless compatibility with various decentralized applications and platforms. This compliance enables the integration of powerful features like dMessages, allowing users to communicate directly with their Smart-Assets, and events, enabling real-time tracking and updates on asset-related activities. By being ERC-721 compliant, the Arianee Protocol maximizes interoperability and fosters a vibrant ecosystem, providing businesses and developers with the freedom to leverage existing tools and frameworks to enhance the functionality and usability of their Smart-Assets. This standardization enhances the overall value proposition of the Arianee Protocol and drives innovation in the blockchain space by promoting an open and collaborative environment for the entire community.

What is a key?

There are three types of keys in the Arianee Protocol: viewKey, requestKey, proofKey.

  • The viewKey is created while you are creating and minting an NFT.
  • The requestKey is equal to the viewKey if the NFT is transferable.
  • The proofKey:
    • Deprecated - Arianee Protocol V1: Call the function CreateCertificateProofLink. You can generate proof through API or Arianee apps such as the Arianee Wallet.
    • Arianee Protocol V2: Use an Arianee Access Token. This is a faster and more secure off-chain feature.

Can Digital Product Passports be transferred by third parties without being the owner?

Yes! We designed the Smart Asset Sharing Token to facilitate connectivity between Arianee protocol features and third-party entities like resellers and marketplaces. In situations where a third party needs access to a digital product passport's content and the ability to transfer it without ownership, as seen in marketplaces, the Arianee protocol's SST is a valuable tool.