Protocol Integration

To build interfaces and expose the Arianee protocol, multiple options are available to answer your needs and the technical level of each stakeholder.

API Integration

The Arianee SDK has been designed to interact directly with the Arianee protocol at the API level to build:

  • Custom tools for the Arianee protocol ecosystem.
  • Integrations with tools used by companies such as ERP or CRM.

To learn more about the Arianee SDK, we recommend you to start with the πŸš€ Getting Started section.

Blockchain Integration

Blockchain developers can interact with the Arianee protocol directly at the smart contracts level.

To learn more about the smart contracts, check out our Blockchains list.

Our solutions

We build our own applications, integrations or connectors to leverage the Arianee protocol. Our team developed a suite of applications to support pilot projects and the adoption of the Arianee protocol:

  • Arianee NFT Management Platform: web application for brands to create and manage NFTs.
  • Arianee Wallet application: mobile application which is freely downloadable on the App Store and Google Play for owners to claim, store and manage their NFTs.


For more information on our solutions, browse


For more information on custom integration, contact us at [email protected].